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At Tayon Law P.A., a Florida law firm, Kathy Jacobs Tayon concentrates her practice on the business aspects of healthcare law, with an emphasis on business contracts and transactions in the healthcare industry, and compliance with Federal and State of Florida healthcare self-referral, anti-kickback and patient brokering laws.  She focuses on assisting people and companies with the following:

  • HEALTHCARE LAW: Kathy represents healthcare businesses and providers with respect to their transactions, contracts and compliance matters, including compliance with Florida and Federal healthcare self-referral, anti-kickback, patient brokering and HIPAA laws and regulations.
  • FLORIDA HEALTHCARE LAW COMPLIANCE REVIEWS: Kathy reviews healthcare  businesses' and providers' medical director agreements, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements and other contractual agreements, with physicians and other providers, for compliance with Florida and Federal healthcare self-referral, anti-kickback and patient brokering laws and regulations.  She also reviews the structure of the healthcare  businesses and providers for compliance with these healthcare laws and regulations.  
  • COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS: Kathy represents clients in transactions, including purchase and sales of businesses, mergers and joint ventures. She assists people and entities in forming new corporations and limited liability companies.  She also prepares Shareholders' Agreements and Operating Agreements, as applicable, with respect to new businesses.    

If you need assistance in any of these areas of law, please text Kathy at 305-761-1692 or send an email at info@tayonlaw.com; however, note that prior to Tayon Law P.A.'s legal represenation beginning, Tayon Law P.A. must first determine there is no conflict with existing clients and other intake procedures must be completed.


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