Our Practice Areas

The following are the areas of law in which our lawyers focus:

Health Care Law

From performing the transactional work required for the buying and selling of medical practices, ambulatory surgery centers, dialysis centers, hospitalist companies and other health care businesses, to assisting healthcare clients in addressing their operational and compliance issues, to ensuring compliance with the multitude of federal and state health care laws, we can assist with all of your healthcare law needs. Besides being complex, health care laws are constantly changing and staying abreast of those changes and ensuring compliance can mean the difference between whether your fees are compensable or not.  


Florida Health Care Clinic Compliance Legal Reviews 

We offer a detailed and structured legal review of Florida health care clinics to ensure compliance with the Florida and federal laws affecting their practice. We charge a flat fee for our legal review so you know the total cost of the legal review before we even begin.


Commercial Transactions

Are you thinking about buying a business or starting one? Are you unsure whether the deal you are looking into is as good as it seems? Why take the risk of not knowing when we can review your deal and the documents associated with it. If you are thinking about starting a company then we can help with forming the corporation or limited liabiliyt company as well as any other legal needs you have in starting your new business.



We handle both sides of collections. We represent commercial creditors and credit card debtors. We know how collections work and use our knowledge for the benefit of our clients.


Commercial Litigation

We will represent you in commercial litigation.






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