With the government and private insurance companies scrutinizing Florida healthcare clinics and healthcare businesses for potential fraud or noncompliance with applicable Floirda and fededarl healthcare laws, can you afford NOT to know whether your Florida healthcare clinic is in compliance with those laws?


Tayon Law P.A. offers clients a detailed and structured legal review of Florida healthcare clinics other healthcare buinesses regarding compliance with the Florida and federal healthcare laws affecting their businesses. 


If you bill private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, or Personal Injury Protection (PIP), then you cannot afford not to know whether you are in compliance with the various health care Florida and federal laws that apply to your health care clinic.  Non-compliance can result in your services being non-compensable and subject your practice to the return of any money received for services rendered while not in compliance. Additionally, many of the health care laws that apply to health care clinics call for criminal penalties if charged and convicted of violating such laws. Therefore, why not schedule your compliance legal review today with Tayon Law P.A. and know that your practice is in compliance instead of wondering whether you are!


Our healthcare clinic audits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Review corporate structure for legal compliance
  • Review practice for compliance with reporting requirements
  • Review practice for compliance with insurance and financial responsibility requirements
  • Review practice for compliance with posting requirements
  • Review practice for compliance with billing requirements
  • As well as review other areas for compliance



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